Blackjack Top Slot Machine The slot machine Lost the new 3D of Betsoft

The slot machine Lost the new 3D of Betsoft

Lost is an invitation to travel but at the end of the world, there or few still dare to try the adventure. This online casino 3D Slot Machine plunges you into a scary and thrilling theme: the Lost Treasure Race, in the Egyptian deserts or the mummy rooms, has closed on many riches. You will share the adventures of Drs. Bines Dakota and his faithful associate Farook.

Betsoft offers you a 3D machine with 5 reels where all the symbols are animated and where all the actions of the game are punctuated by graphic and sound animations of a great quality. As usual, this editor does everything to facilitate your access to the game by joining the useful to the pleasant and making available features very easy to use: You can select the number of lines of play 1 to 30 lines by selecting the “lines” button and then choosing the number of coins to bet per line “bet per line”. Once these operations are done, you can select your stake from 0.02 cents which gives you some room to spend!

There are several bonus games that allow you throughout your game sequence to collect many bonus credits or participate in 2nd screen bonuses to win even more winnings. The first is a multiplier bonus that gives you the opportunity to multiply your winnings by 2 and up to 5 times: this is the re-spin bonus. The bonus center wild reel is also a bonus that allows you to multiply your winnings by 2 if icons or it is mentioned “hit staff”. The bonus game click me monkey is an interactive bonus that triggers a bonus game that allows you to interact with the symbols of the other reels and collect all the bonus credits that are hidden behind these symbols. Finally, the mummy room bonus is a game where you intervene directly by helping Dr. Bones collect the many treasures found in the mummy room. If your mission is successful, you will be rewarded with hundreds of bonus credits.