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Card Counting Strategy

Counting cards is a strategy, as it is among other things to improve earnings, it’s far from being a cheat. Besides, how can we cheat at a game when all cards are dealt face up? By definition, a cheater in the card game is one who tries to deflect the distribution of cards in his favor.

Since he is not responsible for this distribution, he has no influence on the fate of future cards. It only suffers the consequences of the values ​​of the cards. But a good player can predict the probability of drawing an additional card. This is the skill of a player who knows how to count cards. Indeed, since the Las Vegas 21 movie, which featured a method used by the MIT is an association of young university students who have successfully demonstrated how to find an advantage over casinos in the US. Famous gaming casinos, as in Harrighon – Bill Gates – Erick Seidel – Howard Lederer, were part of this association.

This team managed to raise several million dollars before being dissolved. This is to say that cheating is of no use to the extent that mathematics can help you win in games. There are other techniques besides card counting or shuffle tracking. This is the tracking of the logs and the observation of mixing of the cards. Based on the fact that high cards are Aces or Figures give the player an advantage.

Some players follow the heaps of these cards in the hoof to increase their stake. There is also the “Ace Steering” which is a method used to steal “Aces” when the so-called “Ace Sequencing” method is used.