Black Jack

Get to know Black Jack better
There is a lot of things to learn about blackjack if you want to better discover this card game. Starting with the small differences on the hands, on the sharing of cards, on the name of the cards, as well as on the tables of games.

It is necessary to know all these things if you want to be a blackjack ace, it will allow you to know what type of blackjack you play, but also not to be made by a casino that changes the rules of the game to put all the chances of winning on his side.

The differences on blackjack hands
About blackjack hands The difference lies in the bet, normally the bet can be doubled at any time of the game, if you wish, at the beginning or the third or fourth game. But some casinos do not allow doubling bet only if you have reached a certain amount, which turns in favor of the house.

Sharing cards at the blackjack game
You should know that card sharing is not the same in the original blackjack, as in atlantic city black jack. In the original blackjack the dealer shares the cards but does not have the same number of cards as the players, they do not have two, while he only has one more open card. In the atlantic city blakc jack, however, the dealer has the same number of cards as the players, one face-down and the other face-up.

The name of the cards, the tables of games
The cards shared by the dealer during a blackjack game are called: “hidden face card” downcard, and upcard “face card”.

In the blackjack game you can meet two kinds of tables, a very important thing to check before you sit down to play. A first table allows you to double your stake from any amount, and a second gives you the hand only from a certain amount, the latter gives the advantage at home, not at home. player.