Month: September 2018

Card Counting Strategy

Counting cards is a strategy, as it is among other things to improve earnings, it’s far from being a cheat. Besides, how can we cheat at a game when all cards are dealt face up? By definition, a cheater in the card game is one who tries to deflect the distribution of cards in his favor. Since […]

Tips for Better Money Management at Black Jack

Increase your earnings at Black Jack Bankruptcy for a Black Jack player is the worst situation he can have when he is on a table. The goal of this article is to give players the tools that will allow them to better manage their money during their play time. Understand this: managing your money at […]

The slot machine Lost the new 3D of Betsoft

Lost is an invitation to travel but at the end of the world, there or few still dare to try the adventure. This online casino 3D Slot Machine plunges you into a scary and thrilling theme: the Lost Treasure Race, in the Egyptian deserts or the mummy rooms, has closed on many riches. You will share the adventures of Drs. […]

Black Jack

Get to know Black Jack better There is a lot of things to learn about blackjack if you want to better discover this card game. Starting with the small differences on the hands, on the sharing of cards, on the name of the cards, as well as on the tables of games. It is necessary […]